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  1. A firm’s bank reconciliation statement shows a book balance of $15.940,an NSF check of $460,and a service charge of $26.Its adjusted book balance is


  1. On January 2,The Public Legal issued check 2108 for $260 to establish a petty cash fund.Indicate how this transaction would be recorded in a general journal



  1. After returning from a three-day business trip,the accountant for southeast sales,JohannaEstrada,checked bank activity in the company’s checking account online.The activity for the last three days follows.


After matching these transactions to the company’s cash account in the general ledger,Johanna noted the following unrecorded transactions:


  • The ATM withdrawal on 9/22/201 was for personal use by the owner,Robert Savage.
  • The ACH credit on 9/22/2019 was an electronic funds payment received on account from Edwards UK, a credit customer located in Great Britain.
  • The bill payment made 9/23/2019was to waste control Trash Services(utilities).
  • The loan payment on 9/24/2019 was an automatic debit by central motors for the company’s monthly payment on a loan for its automobiles.The loan does not bear interest.

Prepare the journal entries in a general journal to record the four transactions above.(Round your answers to 2 decimal places.)


  1. On January 2,Jasmine’s Beauty Supplies Inc,issued Check 3100 for $300 to establish a petty cash fund.On January 31, Check 3159 was issued to replenish the petty cash fund.An analysis of payments from the fund showed these totals: Supplies, $44; Delivery Expense,$85; and Miscellaneous Expense, $20.

Indicate how these transactions would be recorded in a general journal.


  1. Read each of the following transactions.
  1. The cash sales per a register tape were $579.The cash count is $552.
  2. The cash sales per a register tape were $8,700.The cash count is $8,280.


Prepare the general journal entries to record the above transactions.


  1. Teng Corporation received a bank statement showing a balance of $14,250 as of October 31,2019.The firm’s records showed a book balance of $13,893 on October 31. The difference between the two balances was caused by the following items.


1.A debit memorandum for an NSF check from Richard Wolf for $415.

2. Three outstanding checks:Check 7017 for $115, Check 7098 for $46,and Check  7107 for $1,470.

3. A bank service charge of $11.

4.A deposit in transit of $848.


Prepare the adjusted bank balance section and the adjusted book balance section of the bank reconcillationstatement.Prepare the necessary journal entries for the year 2019.





  1. Florence company received a bank statement showing a balance of $12,400 on November 30,2019.During the bank reconcillationprocess.Florence’s accountant noted the following bank errors:


  1. A check for $147 issued by Florentine, Inc., was mistakenly charged to Florence company’s account.
  2. Check 2782 was written for $100 but was paid by the bank as $1,100.
  3. Check 2920 for $81 was paid by the bank twice.
  4. A deposit for $570 on November 22 was credited by the bank for $750.


Assuming outstanding checks total $1,750, Prepare the adjusted bank balance section of the November 30,2019, bank reconciliation.


  1. Northwest Gift Shop, a retail business, started business on April 29,2019.It keeps a $300 change fund in its cash register. The cash receipts for the period from April 29 to April 30,2019, are shown below.


Record the cash receipts on April 29 and April 30, 2019, in a general journal.


  1. On March 31,2019, Home Decorating Pavilion received a bank statement showing a balance of $9,690. The balance in the firm’s checkbook and cash account on the same date was $10,134.The difference between the two balances is caused by the items listed below,


  1. A $2,815 deposit made on March 30 does not appear on the bank statement.
  2. Check 358 for $455 issued on March 29 and check 359 for $1,590 issued on March 30 have not yet been paid by the bank.
  3. A credit memorandum shows that the bank has collected a $1,200 note receivable and interest of $210 for the firm.
  4. A service charge of $19 appears on the bank statement.
  5. A debit memorandum shows an NSF check for $495.(The check was issued by Dane jaris, a credit customer.)
  6. The firm’s records Indicate that check 341 of March 1 was issued for $800 to pay the month’s rent.However, the cancelled check and the listing on the bank statement show that the actual amount of the check was $750.
  7. The bank made an error by deducting a check for $530 issued by another business from the balance of Home Decorating Pavilion’s account.




1.Prepare a bank reconciliation statement for the firm as of March 31,2019.

2.Recordentires for any items on the bank reconciliation statement that must be journalized.


  1.  Read the following transactions.


Lourdes LLC.keeps a $100 change fund in its cash register.At the end of the day, Cash sales per the register tape were $2,650.The cash count was $3,000.


Calculate the amount over or Short.






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