Final Project: Professional Development Plan


Resources: Introduction to Teaching, Appendix A, and INTASC principles at

Review the guidelines in Appendix A.

Use Appendix A to help you create a Professional Development Plan—a component that may be added to your professional portfolio.

Write  a 2,100- to 2,500-word paper composed in Microsoft© Word, include answers to the following questions: 


What are your goals in the next 5 years? In the next 10 or more years?


What steps are necessary to get you to your goals? What obstacles might you foresee and how will you overcome them?


What is one principle from the INTASC Principles Web site ( ) that you feel you must improve the most to be effective in the education profession? What existing professional development programs might you pursue to address the need to improve in this area?


What professional development programs might you enroll in to help you prepare to meet the diverse needs of today’s learners?


How will you evaluate your progress? What will help keep you motivated toward achieving those goals?


What professional organizations will you join? Explain why. What do you expect to gain from membership in these organizations?


What techniques will you use to help you develop leadership skills? 


Format your paper according to APA standards.

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