Collaborate as a mock behavioral research profiling team.
Select a serial murder case from the following list for review.
• John Wayne Gacy
• Jack the Ripper
• Wayne Williams
• Jeffrey Dahmer
• Herman Mudgett
• Richard Ramirez
• Gary Ridgway
• Aileen Wuornos
• Ed Gein
• David Berkowitz
• Hamilton Howard “Albert” Fish
• Ted Bundy
Analyze the case to identify specific psychological characteristics and patterns that might be inferred about the individual.
Document the team’s findings in a 1,500 to 2,000 word paper that includes the following elements:
• Behavioral variables, including a review of signature and modus operandi
• Repetitive patterns evident in criminal acts
• Possible issues in development and life experience that may be identified as possible causes for prevalent criminality and psychopathology
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. NOTE: A minimum of FIVE APA sources are required in reference list and five seperate in-Text application of sources.
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