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Using this building explain how a building acts as a kind of sculpture to transform the space around it. Look through your textbook for an example of a sculpture that you feel would amplify the message that your selected building communicates to onlookers. Present your team’s explanation for how the building and the sculpture might work together to create a unified message to the class in a Microsoft® PowerPoint®presentation which contains 6- to 8-slides with notes. *Note: A Title slide, Agenda slide, Introduction slide, Questions Slide, and a Reference slide do not count toward the final slide count – your slide count should only include content slides

Include all of the following:

  • When was the building created?
  • Where is it located?
  • What is the building’s original purpose?
  • Who was the architect? What was his or her background and nationality?
  • When was the sculpture created?
  • Who was the sculptor? What was her or his background and nationality?
  • Where was the sculpture originally located?
  • For what purpose was the sculpture originally created?
  • Why do you think the building and sculpture go together or complement each other?
  • Compare the form and function of your selected building and sculpture with the form and function of crafts and decorative arts found within your home or another environment, such as a school, restaurant, or public building (2-slides). For example, for sculpture you might compare with one of the following:

·         Table settings and decorations

·         Jewelry

·         Wall decorations

·         Textiles

·         Crafts

·         Vases and flowers

Support your findings with specific examples and demonstrate an understanding of the course material Cite your sources, format your text consistent with APA guidelines, and include a slide with all references. For this assignment, limit text on slides to no more than 5 lines of text. Also, make sure the text on the slides are no less a 28 pt. font. Please remember that images in presentations require citations. Postpresentation in the Assignments Section Bring a copy of your presentation to the instructor for the class presentation that is printed to include the Notes Section Present to the class. The oral presentation in class should be a minimum of 8 minutes and should not exceed 12 minutes.

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