Journal Entry Overview:

Each module will require that you write and submit a thoughtful and reflective journal entry. These journal entries should be personally reflective, and their primary purpose is for helping you to formulate your own personal responses to the material.

The journal entries are not meant to be necessarily “academic” in nature, and you will be graded on honesty and effort.

Journal Entry Instructions:

Submit a reflective journal entry, in which you:

1. Discuss a topic or issue directly relevant to the subject matter of this module. (For example, this could be a topic related to one of the essay questions about which you did not write, discussing a point that you personally find thought-provoking.)

2. Include your own personal reaction to the topic, and why or how it is personally relevant for you today. (That is, discuss why you personally find the topic to be especially thought-provoking, or how the topic is personally relevant for you, and/or for your own deeper understanding of the philosophy of religion.)

3. Double-space your journal entry, include your name at the top, and be sure to cite all sources quoted or paraphrased from (even if it’s only our textbooks).

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