Module 3's discussion questions will focus primarily upon the content of the assigned textbook readings (from both our RRB and POR texts) for this module. See the Course Schedule, or the Module 3 Assignment list, for the specific RRB chapters and POR selections in question.

Discussion Instructions:

1. Respond to EACH of the three Module 3 discussion questions presented below (questions A, B & C). Do so using separate posts for each question; do NOT respond to multiple questions within the same single post.

2. Continue to participate by submitting additional followup posts in response to each question. Before the module ends, be sure to provide at least TWO substantive responses to EACH of the following discussion questions:

Question A: What, exactly, is Molinism? What, in your mind, is the biggest challenge that Molinism presents to traditional theism? How would a Molinist respond?

Question B: What exactly is the Problem of Evil, when understood as a set of incompatible propositions (i.e., what are those statements)? What problem, or set of problems, does it present for the God of traditional theism?

Question C: Read the attached course handout on the  (click on the link to download the document). Within the context of his views on Dependent Origination, what, according to the Buddha, is the origin of our suffering? Does this better answer the question of why human beings suffer than Western "answers" to the problem? Why or why not?

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