Module 5 deals with specifically in evaluating social policy, the Centers for Disease Control, the policy process and the policy evaluation framework. 

I'm going to get a little bit into what the assignment for module five, week five, it is evaluating social policies. And so, for this assignment, you must write a minimum of 10 So that seems like a lot. But I promise pg. Week 5 federal policies, current policies at the federal level.

 Ok. So, you've got identify at least two federal policies that attempt to address the issue that's impacting your target population.  Provide a comprehensive overview of the policy. So, you can't just state the name of the policy you have to explain provide an overview of the policy. 

So, in the overview, you should include the following background information regarding the policies such as the Year the policy was enacted, how the policies funded, right? Is it funded by federal grants? Is it's funded by a private donor?  So, these are things you need to have information on. Identification of the politicians who support it in enacted the policy. Our legislators and stakeholders based on the policy. So, stakeholders are all those individuals that have a definite they have a stake, the policy implementation.

** And then in the overview of the policy, you're also going to provide information related to individuals and groups that actively oppose the policy and those who are not for it, they don't support it. They don't want the policy to even be inexistence.

 And so, this is where you do your research !!!!

***You're going to have to use  the Center for Disease Control or CDC policy framework right from 2016. To analyze and interpret and summarize both the benefits and limitations associated with each of the social policies. You have to discuss the need to address the policy and any gaps or issues or deficiencies, you're gonna have your policies and then you're going to look at how the Centers for Disease Control says. And see if you can identify the gaps or deficiencies in the policy based on evaluating the policy from those two frameworks, you're going to make sure that you use recent research evidence. 

social workers we have to back up what we say.  And so we have to provide sources to support what we're doing. So please make sure that you include that in statistics to support your analysis and interpretation of the two policies.

So again, you're going to use a CDC framework to assess each policy and compare and contrast the two policies that you've chosen. 

And so by using the CDC framework, you're gonna assess each of the policies, but you're going to compare so some of the similarities. And then you're going to look at the differences and both the policies used in the CDC framework

to use a table to create a visual depiction of the similarities and differences. you can look at the CDC framework and you can come up with illustrated table to show what the similarities and differences are,

 Determinant Discuss which policy presents the best legislative solutionlooking at the two polities and analyzing them based on the social issue that you identify, which are the policies would be better suited to help the target population. 

And then also indicate which policy is least likely to support your, your population. Because we know there are several policies, but based on the population that you indicate that has the need and that's your target. That policy may not be beneficial. 

You need to make sure that when you're looking at the policy, what are some of the gaps in those policies? Or maybe the policy doesn't have any cultural context or cultural supports, right? So we know as social workers, we have be culturally competent. We've got to respect each person in the value that they bring from their cultural heritage. So there may be a policy that leaves that out, right? So you can indicate some of those things as you're comparing and contrasting. Okay?

And then you're going to discuss the role of social media again, I said this course is like scaffolding. Every assignment we do builds on the other

 Discuss the role of social media in providing information related to advocacy, supporting policy, or opposing the policy. Okay. And then you're also going to provide a recommendation ON HOW TO Improve future social media campaigns, relate it to the policy in social issue. 

Conclusion, you're going to include a conclusion statement.  recap, conclusion statement, recap and the key elements of the paper

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