Organizational Behavior Week #5 Assignment 1

Final Project Title Page, Outline, & References Page

Develop the format and framework for your final project.

Your submission should be a single document which includes an outline summarizing the main topics and sub-topics of the final project.  Your summary should contain the following topics and sub-topics below as these will be required when organizing your final project. 

Title Page

Table of Contents

I.  Executive Summary

II.  Background

III.  Diagnosis

a.  Current Situation

b.  Supporting Data/Analysis

IV.  Recommendation Intervention

V.  Applicable Organizational Behavior Concepts

VI.  References

Do not submit your entire paper during Week 5, but rather, summarize in 1-3  paragraphs the key points you will cover in each of the above topic and sub topic sections.  (Note:  The description for each of the topics and sub-topics is found under the Week 1 Weekly Content module, under Review This Weeks Lecture section, titled Final Project Preview link.)

Your Outline Summary should have the following components:

 Make sure your paper reflects scholarly writing.  Use APA formatted outline summary with the inclusion of a title page and a References page. 

 Double space your lines, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, and add the above bolded lines as section headers

 Include a minimum of 5 resources (the resources found to complete Week 3s Annotated Bibliography should be used along with other outside resources)

 Place in-text citations to show where you plan to use resources to support your summary sections.

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