Organizational Culture

Your task is to use the following questions as guidelines for your report, which you will submit to your supervisor. The Section numbers next to the question refer to relevant reading from your Soomo e-text.

What is the purpose of understanding organizational culture (Section 1.8)? (Supply a 100-word maximum statement of purpose in your own words.)

Discuss any one factor that has been important to the creation of your organization’s culture

[Founders’ value, external influences, a combination of both or a different factor- Section 1.12]

(Supply a 200-word maximum discussion.)

Briefly discuss your experience in relation to how your organization has or has not maintained its culture based on your onboarding experience (Section 1.15). (Supply a 400-word maximum discussion citing examples and succinctly explaining your interpretation.)

Discuss any one method in which your organization communicates its culture either through visual methods, rituals, space, or stories. If none of these apply, you can refer to any other example of how culture is communicated. Do you agree that these external symbols reflect the underlying values and assumptions of your organization? (Section 1.17-1.18). (Supply a 400-word maximum discussion to answer this question).


Describe any one aspect of your organization’s culture that you would like to see changed or strengthened. Outline how you would propose making this happen using any one of the six steps to culture change provided in your reading in Section 1.19 Creating Culture Change of your reading. (Supply a 500-word maximum discussion to answer this question).

Where needed, strengthen your report by citing examples.

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