About the Case Study Assignment

In this course you are learning about Consumer health and its implication to healthcare quality and outcomes. You have viewed this topic from different perspectives and gained knowledge about how quality and outcomes impact individuals, facilities and society. Knowledge of this topic is important; however, you should be able to apply the knowledge you have gained from the course to a 'real life' scenario and critically consider future implications in the healthcare field.

For this assignment, you will research and select a case study on a consumer health topic related to this course. You will then write an APA formatted paper (minimum 1,500 words) that features a review of the article, an analysis and expansion of the topic as it connects to our course, and a discussion of future considerations related to this topic with regards to impact on healthcare quality and outcome measurements. You will utilize resources from the course lessons along with a minimum of three outside resources, two of which must come from scholarly, peer reviewed journals.

For this assignment, please select one of the following three case studies:



· Overview of Risk Adjustment and Outcome Measures for Home Health Agency OBQI Reports: Highlights of Current Approaches and Outline of Planned Enhancements




Once you've selected your case study, you'll need to write a 1,500-word paper analyzing it. Please include the following in your paper:

1. Introduction – Give us a brief review of what you have been studying. Then discuss why you selected the case study. What was of interest to you regarding this study? Where do you see the application of this information fitting into your work in health care?

2. Case Study Review – This should be a thorough review of the case study. Who was involved in this case (patients, providers, researchers, facilities, organizations, etc.). What was the study about? When did this event take place; when were solutions implemented? Where do you see the outcomes having the most impact or application? Why did this situation occur?

3. Connection of Case Study to Healthcare Quality and Outcomes – Why does this case study lead you to a discussion of the importance of healthcare quality and outcomes for consumers/patients/clients, providers, organizations, and society in general? How can you connect the 'lessons learned' in the case study to what you have learned about quality and outcome measurements? What outcome tools/techniques/methods/models were referenced in your course, research and/or the case study? The connections should be clear, understandable and relevant. This is your opportunity to showcase your learning!

4. Future Considerations – In this section you will utilize your analytical skills to discuss how the previous information connects with future considerations for individuals working in the field of healthcare. We have established that quality and outcomes are going to be vital to any area of healthcare. Tell us how the case study, and the supporting resources you shared, can change/impact/affect this area of healthcare. What short-term and long-term implications do you foresee based on your case study and research? Do you see changes in how the field defines quality? Do you predict changes in funding, treatment, prevention efforts, research, etc. based on this case study and your supporting research?

5. Conclusion – Summarize your information in a clear, concise conclusion. This is your opportunity to bring home any last points and ensure that you have presented a solid review and analysis.

Using Sources

You should refer to the course material and the case study for supporting evidence, but you must also use at least three credible, outside sources including two scholarly, peer-reviewed journals for this assignment. All resources must be cited using APA format.


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