This week’s topic centres around the concept of biases and decision  making. There are several types of biases, some of which we probably  don’t even realize we may be a part of. In business, this can be an  issue for managers and leaders in the workplace, not only as it relates  to their own potential biases, but also of their employees. 

Confirmation Bias is one of the most common biases out there today.  It often shapes our political views (if your parents supported a party  you may support it as well) and look for reasons why. If you live in the  US and you believe guns are bad, you look for stories that support your  belief (same if you feel everyone should own a gun).  If you believe  that women are worse drivers than men (or vice versa) you look for  stories and articles that support your belief. If you live in Canada and  you believe we should have more than 2 official languages (French and  English) or just one, you look for information that supports your  belief. 

For this week, discuss how you think confirmation bias may impact  decisions in the workplace and how leaders might work to overcome these  biases.

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