ENG Week 8 DQR

Steven Serrano

The class was a great exercise and pretty much exactly what I could've hoped for. It gave me a chance to get input on my written product and at a standard "110" level that I can expect to improve on. Along those lines the element that I appreciated the most was the way in which we had the time to focus on one topic, to really take the time, whether we realized it or not. That preparatory consideration, given that we're talking about having the time to reflect on something, meant a lot to me. At 60 plus years of age I have rarely had the time to consider or research topics about which I have had to write in professional settings.

As I was enrolled in a couple other courses that were somewhat demanding of study time, I saw that I didn't really devote sufficient time to digging in to more resources to cite. That brings me to the portion that was a bit confusing, for me. I have always struggled with citing sources in the latest and most appropriate APA or MLA formats. What was a huge help were the resources we were given to see the two citation styles?  

Something important that would help future students in this course would be for them to have a clear understanding that they would be working essentially on one topic for all of their written product. I kept expecting a change in focus, that never came, fortunately. While many of us were reluctant to put our drafts out for peer review, it was interesting to read about the process in other writing courses. 

As far as resources or places that can help us, the Trefry Library was a surprising help and is an incredible resource for up to date, credible research. For those of us registering in other classes this course can only help. Every step of the preparatory process for the papers submitted here can be used elsewhere. One book that has been a resource for decades in the "Elements of Style" by Strunk and White (1979). It has every bit of detailed grammar input you could need.

I appreciate the input on my submitted work and just wish I had more familiarity with the online APUS classroom set up. This was my first semester back in literally decades so the whole term was a case of getting back in a groove.


Jeffery Wilcox


So, what can I say about these last 8 weeks other than it has been a complete and utter struggle. I came into this class wanting to succeed but unfortunately, I failed. Things that this class has taught me is that no matter what is going on in life whether it is your 2 jobs, your 6th knee surgery, or family. You absolutely have to find time to get what is important to you out of the way. I did not prioritize this with my goals and everything that has went on to make sure I would be successful. So moving forward for all of you remember to take care of the things that matter most so that way you do not fail at trying to not only make yourself proud but people around you.

I will say the only thing I did enjoy was getting to interact with some of you on the blackboard and talking on different topics. I will say though that is my favorite thing no matter what the class is I really enjoy that.

I hope you all can finish strong and move onto being very successful in your fields of study. Great job this course everyone.


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