Case 1 – Amazing Inc.


Amazing Inc. is a large organization with a senior leadership team that is passionate about giving back to the community. In fact, taking care of people within and outside of the organization is one of their founding principles. By building and instilling a culture of giving, Amazing Inc.’s executive Board and their +10,000 employees make a positive difference in their communities.

To make it easy for their employees to support charitable causes, Amazing Inc. wants to create a site that facilitates and promotes charitable giving. They want the site to enable both formal campaigns and one-off donations through automatic payroll deductions. This will make it easy for employees to donate to selected campaigns and Amazing Inc. hopes to motivate them by matching the employee contributions.

A Scrum Master has been assigned to the Project. To launch the project, a one-page project charter must be completed.

The assumption is that to complete the following steps, the project charter has already been completed/approved (I have faith in your team ). With direction from the Scrum Product Owner and Scrum Development Team (past tense) a session is held with Stakeholders to collect a set of ideas and requirements needed to complete the project. An example of idea collected from the business is included below:

Assume the following scope considerations:

· Legal needs to provide Terms and Conditions (T&C) to complete the user confirmation page.

· The Login Page (part of the last sprint) has an issue accepting emails that end on This needs to be fixed as part of the next sprint.

The initial ideas have been converted into user stories. Now, the team needs to estimate and prioritize each story to determine the level of effort needed for each requirement.


1. Select the following roles from your group:

1.1. Scrum Master

1.2. Scrum Product Owner

1.3. Development team

2. Input the Project backlog into

2.1. “One” individual from each group will need to create a Free account in

2.2. From Main Workspace (1), Click on _Add_New Blank Board (Name: Sprint Planning)_Create

2.3. Ensure the following columns are included on the board – Name, Owner, Status (To Do/In Progress/Done), Priority (High/Med/Low), Story Type (Bug/Feature/Chore), Estimated SP, and Epic

2.4. Once the template is created, invite your team and instructor to your Workspace (Use the icon on the black pane on the left side of the screen).

REQUIRED: Copy the link and include in your Canvas submission.

A picture containing graphical user interface  Description automatically generated

2.5. Enter the user stories contained in Table 1 into [Stories > Backlog Section].

[Tip: You can copy (from Word) and Paste directly into]

3. Using the Product Backlog Section, conduct a Backlog refinement session (backlog grooming) with your team to Prioritize and Estimate all User Stories.

3.3. Go over each story and assign the following:

3.3.1. Priority (HML)

3.3.2. Story Type (Feature/Chore/Bug)

3.3.3. Epic – Assign all user stories to the same epic…Charity Site MVP

3.3.4. Estimated Story Point (Scale: 1 to 6)

As a team, define the Level of Effort (LOE) for each Story Point

[i.e. 1 SP is equivalent of 2-4 hours of work; 5 Story Points are the equivalent of 3 days effort]

3.4. Export the Product Backlog to Excel

[Note: this will be part of the “assignment deliverables” – see C below]

4. Conduct a Planning session. Please note that the team’s current velocity is 10 Story Points/Sprint. Setup 4 Sprints on the template (Sprint 1 through Sprint 4). Assign user stories to the net 4 Sprints. Assume the backlog represents approximately 40 story points in total.

Assignment Deliverables

NOTE (IMPORTANT): This case is inspired on a real-life Product that was originally created for internal employee consumption. Due to the great success (more than $2.5 million raised in support of non-profits organization and charitable causes…including COVID Relief), it was eventually converted into a Customer Facing Product and offered to customers at no additional charge. Read more about this use case To explore the interactive demo (which will provide more insight into the complexity associated with requirements/development) use this , provide your information, and click on the [Continue] button to get started.

A. Project Charter: Use the template provided

B. Team Composition: Briefly describe the roles associated with your agile team (Scrum Master, Product Owner, Development team member). Briefly explain how your team determined roles/team composition).

C. Product Backlog – Include excel attachment (see Assignment 3.2 above).

D. Backlog Refinement Process:

i. What is the reasoning behind the prioritization process? How did your team reach a consensus? What was the rationale? How did team roles effect the process during this meeting?

E. Sprint Planning Session:

i. Explanation: What are Sprints? Explain the reasoning/importance of assigning a certain number of story points to each Sprint. What will be the importance of a Daily Scrum meeting during the Sprints?

F. Upload the link of the Board created for the project to Canvas.

Note: Deliverables B, D, & E can be submitted as a single document (2-3 pages Word doc, single spaced, 12 Times New Roman Font). Make sure to include a reference page if outside sources are used.

Table 1:

Product Backlog for a Site to support charitable donations

Task ID

User Stories


As a User, I want to see all my Year-to-date donations


As an Admin, I want to view the total amount of money collected, broken down by employee donations and company match


As an Admin, I want to see a dashboard with relevant information


As and Admin, I want to choose a preferred language, come up with an official name, and add a description and image


As an Admin, I want to create a new charitable campaign


As an Admin, I want to access the details of all campaigns, including active, scheduled, and past


As a User, I want to see how much was contributed for the campaign


As an Admin, I want to preview the campaign to ensure everything is correct before sending to employees.


As an Admin, I want to be able to fill in many details of the campaign to help employees better understand the importance of contributing to new campaigns.


As an Admin, I want to choose how would receive the campaign, whether it’s to a specific group of employees, or to the entire organization


As a User, I want to select the amount I want to donate


As a User, I want to submit tickets when I'm having technical difficulties with the site


As a User, I want to login to the charitable campaign site via my phone or tablet


As a User, I want to scroll through the active campaigns and select the one I want to contribute to.


As an Admin, I want to set up the donation options by entering preset amounts, company-match percentage, campaign goal amount, and the deduction code.


As a user, I need a to review and accept to the T&C before submitting the donation.

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