Pediatric Fertility Preservation

Veronica Horne

Southern New Hampshire University

March 27, 2022

IHP 670


One of the most distinguishing characteristics of a successful program is the ability of a manager to perform managerial activities pertaining to their position within an organization. A program manager holds many responsibilities, including the duty to plan, design, and evaluate new programs. Effective planning lays the foundation for the designing, planning, and implementation. Evaluations helps to ensure that the program’s planned stages are being completed within the budget allotted. Program Planning According to Iliescu et al. (2013), the most important components of an effective program are “a clear vision of the future and a well-thought detailed plan describing the steps that must be taken…in order to accomplish the targets set and transform the vision into reality” (p. 755). Accordingly, managers that possess effective planning skills, such as developing and strategizing, have the best chance of creating a successful program.

Healthcare Issue/Target Population

Bellevue Medical Hospital is known for being the number one trauma center in the New York City area. Their mission goals and values are to always put the patients first and give the best quality care for the patients even if they do not have any medical insurance. Mission & Values. (n.d.) This hospital ensures that no one is turned back for the services that they need. For this reason, I feel my program for pediatrics and young adults surviving cancer would be perfect in this hospital who potentially want to have a chance for adding to their family at some point in their future

Program Goal

I believe that a program that is created to preserve fertility for children who have survived cancer be created, properly planned, and implemented by Bellevue Hospital. This facility has the resources and funding to have such a plan in place to assist all pediatric cancer survivors to ensure their cancers do not come back, and to ensure that treatment they do receive minimizes their chances of being able to have their own children in the future.

Target Population

Bellevue Hospital is a large healthcare organization that provides many opportunities for everyone within the area that has private insurance state Medicaid, or no insurance at all. The way the organization is designed is that it is possible for a new program to be developed within the next few years. This organization already focuses on providing the best care in a wide array of departments and specialties, so I feel enhancing on this and continuing to grow and flourish into something new would be advantageous for Bellevue Hospital. Bellevue is such a huge hospital and funded by the government and many other nonprofit organizations that I truly believe the government officials, mayor of the community, the healthcare professionals in the hospital wouldn’t turn away my program.

I do also believe and anticipate that such a program will educate students from the medical schools who volunteer, are trained or do their clinicals at Bellevue, and want them to potentially pursue such a field and make it his or her specialty in the future. I feel if technology is growing why shouldn’t such a program be created and implemented to give young adults a chance of a family when they are ready. I feel it will being positive feedback from the community, family, government officials, and healthcare personals. I have so much confidence in my program that I know it would fit right in with the process flow within the organization. The only difference is adding pediatric fertility preservation program for children at the age of 13 to be able to have a family when they get older. I believe that my program will have a major impact on the community and most of this should be positive in nature. Securing funding for such a program would be one of the first major hurdles to overcome, but I do believe that this can be achieved successfully. This program will help a lot of young women and men who didn’t think they could have children and felt at their lowest not being able to bring a child into this world. I feel this will also bring awareness and impact surrounding communities to maybe even want to join our organization and program or start one of their own.

Healthcare/Community Service Organization

When it comes to cultural competence my program in this organization will be accessible to all young women and men starting from the age of puberty. Bellevue is already a part of the melting pot community, and every service is provided to everyone even if they aren’t provided with insurance. Based on the results of plans for my program a strategy that would help achieve the main vision and goal of my program would be to basically start going to the local community meetings, meeting with the mayor of the community , advertising my program on posters, placed them on a bus, major businesses and also use social media for platform to get my program importance across the world. I’ll also speak to the CEO of the hospitals, volunteers, nurse practitioners, oncologists, the cancer department, also provide a power point for a visual to each meeting. Overall, in conclusion I feel this this program would be successful especially since I’ll be involving the stakeholders on my plan and ideas. Once I present my idea to the board and the world, they will see how important this program is and how it can change the world, not to mention how profitable it can be if planned and implemented thoroughly and carefully.


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