You are applying for the CAE SimuFlite Scholarship to pursue a flight-related career. As part of the scholarship, you must submit a 250-word essay.

The aims of the scholarship are to (1) Provide additional industry-based training opportunities for university aviation students, and (2) Broaden the awareness of corporate aviation career paths among university aviation students. The scholarship will include initial training in an entry-level corporate jet (the type of aircraft subject to schedule availability) resulting in a type rating upon successful completion of the course.

Applicant must demonstrate an interest in corporate or business aviation by writing a 250-word essay on how this scholarship will fit into his/her plans to enter corporate/business aviation. This essay must demonstrate how the applicant will use the CAE SimuFlite Scholarship to pursue a flight-related career.

Instructions: Review attached essay for relevance, grammar, style, correct amount of wording, ease of reading, and effectiveness. Make the necessary changes to ensure that the essay fully satisfy the requirements from the topic and listed instructions.

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