Below and attached are the complete instructions to follow. Please see attached documents.


-Follow the Dissertation Template included.

1. ONLY work on Chapter 3. Change Table of contents if page number changes. 2. Please complete the following sections in Chapter 3

• Research Methods and Design

• Population and Sample

• Instruments

3. You must follow the attached NCU DP_DM Template. Please do not deviate or change the headers or content. You need to address all the checklist items.

4. Each section builds upon one another. You need to complete the listed sections in order before I review the other sections.

5. I recommend that you visit the NCU Dissertation website to review approved NCU dissertations. This will provide helpful resources to guide you as you write your


6. Please follow APA Guidelines, 7th edition.

1. Visit the NCU Dissertation to review approved dissertations to serve as examples and gain a better understanding of what is expected.


2. Visit the NCU Dissertation Center to review helpful tips in writing Chapter 3 https://library.ncu.edu/friendly.php?s=dissertationcenter/home

3. Visit the NCU Academic Success for writing tips and NCU Library to conduct additional research.

4. Please focus on the Research Methodology and Design section.

Please do not include your personal opinions and interpretations in your dissertation. You will need to

continue to conduct research and avoid overuse of the same authors. Please visit the NCU Library, NCU

Dissertation Center and academic database search engines.

Please submit a "clean" version without highlighted text, track changes and balloon comments. it should

be a paper ready for submission as an assignment without comments or tracks.

Thank you

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