Module 6

Please write a report about the following:

Research and report on a topic that relates to how a particular person or group of people use

mathematics in their art, hobby, recreation, work or career life. Be specific. Be sure to state the

person or group/ type of people you are writing about and give specific examples of how they use


Make sure you describe the mathematical concepts that are present in the work /

application and explain what you understand about the how the mathematics is used.

The math used doesn’t have to be super involved and detailed- but be sure to give specific

examples of how it is used and describe the math concept. (ex. If they are using the Fibonacci

sequence explain what it is and how it is generated)

Your paper must be at least one full, single-spaced page long (not including any pictures or


Include your own thoughts, perspectives and ideas as backed up by your research. Many

students lose points for not including enough of their own words. Remember- the math doesn’t

have to be intricate and detailed. You’ll receive a higher score for thoroughly describing how

someone uses a “basic” math skill in their life than for vaguely referring to a complicated one.

(For example- the math used by NASA rocket scientists!)

Also include a reference page, citation(s) and links to any source(s) you used, quoted directly or

paraphrased from.

HINT: Many students choose a “large and complicated” math topic and struggle to write a good

paper. Many of the best papers I have seen have been ones in which students have chosen

topics “close to them”. Keep it simple, write it in your own words (research, yes, but don’t cite too

much or plagiarize), give examples, choose someone that uses a math topic you mostly


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