Assignment instructions:

DIRECTIONS: Refer to the list below throughout the writing process. Do not submit your Touchstone until it meets these guidelines.

1. Who I Am Now

Have you provided a brief biographical statement explaining your educational and career experiences thus far?

Have you shared any personal characteristics (e.g., determination, flexibility) that you feel are relevant to your narrative?

2. My Goals

Have you provided three long-term goals you wish to accomplish?

Have you connected those goals to either your academic or professional aspirations?

3. How I Will Get There

Have you identified and explained at least two short-term steps for achieving each of your three goals?

Have you set target dates for each of these steps?

Have you addressed any obstacles you might face in pursuit of these goals?


B. Rubric


Advanced (100%)

Proficient (80%)

Needs Improvement (60%)

Non-Performance (0%)


Who I Am Now

Write   a paragraph describing your academic and professional history, and related   personal characteristics.


My Goals

Write   a paragraph stating three professional and/or academic long-term goals, and   provide a brief description of each goal.


How I Will Get There

Write   a paragraph describing two or more short-term actions that you can take to   achieve each goal described above.


Overall Reflection

Incorporate   thoughtful personal reflection to connect the goals and actions described in   the composition.


C. Requirements

The following requirements must be met for your submission to be graded:

Composition must be 2-3 pages (approximately 500-750 words).

Double-space the composition and use one-inch margins.

Use a readable 12-point font.

All writing must be appropriate for an academic context.

Composition must be original and written for this assignment.

Plagiarism of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Submission must include your name, the name of the course, the date, and the title of your composition.

Include all of the assignment components in a single file.

Acceptable file formats include .doc, and .docx.

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