3/30/22, 10:04 PM Proposal Assignment #2: Proposed Study, RQs, and Method

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Proposal Assignment #2: Proposed Study, RQs, andMethod

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Research Proposal Assignment #2You will complete this assignment as if you were writing the current study and Method section of aresearch proposal. Please see the examples I've provided.


Similar to how you ended you're Assignment #1 – your Current Study section should provide therationale for why your study is important (what gaps exist in the literature). Then introduce your studyand topic area, followed by your research questions. At this point, your research questions need to bemore developed. You need to ask a minimum of 2 questions and they must be answerable within thesame study with the same method and sample. Also, as discussed, we are not including broadexploratory or descriptive-only (e.g., What to people think about murders?) research questions for ourproposals. They must include at least two variables and propose some sort of relationship between them(e.g., How does X relate to Y?, Are women more likely than men to ___?, Does X, Y, or Z predictsuccessful rehabilitation from __?).


Your method section must contain 3 sections: (1) Participants (or Sample), (2) Design (or Procedure),(3) Materials (or Instruments or Measures), (4) Appendix A. Below, I outline what is required in eachsection. To better understand the data collection process, you are required to develop a study that useseither surveys, interviews, or gathers secondary data from corrections or police. The materials requiresyou to show first describe the exact tools you'll be using (e.g., scales or items for survey, interviewprotocol and items for interviews, or list of variables and measurement descriptors if requesting datafrom a secondary source). If you use a scale from an existing course, you must cite them. It is alwaysrecommended you use existing questions and scales (don't reinvent the wheel). Be sure to look at theexamples I provide to write up these sections.

(1) Participants

Number of participants (or other) that will be sampled. If you're doing a survey, how many people willtake it? If you're interviewing, how many people will you interview? If you're asking for data about

3/30/22, 10:04 PM Proposal Assignment #2: Proposed Study, RQs, and Method

https://ecourses.pvamu.edu/courses/15558/assignments/211669 2/3

crime rates or offenders, how many "cases" will you look at?All exclusion and inclusion criteria for your sample. Tell me as much as you can about them!

(2) Design

Here you'll talk about what the study will actually look like. So, explain if you're taking a qualitative(interviews) or quantitative (survey or secondary data) approach. If you're conducting an experiment,be sure to specify that. Explain your data collection strategy. The design is basically where you tell the story about what you're doing in your study. It should be inchronological order of steps. So after you tell me the general things and begin talking about yourdata collection strategy, think step-by-step. How will you know who to reach out to? How will youreach them. What will you say? Will you incentivize participation? What happens when they agree tobe a part of the study? What are they doing when they are actually doing the study (e.g., if it's aninterview, who is interviewing them – for how long – where – is it recorded, etc)?Data collection strategy

(3) Materials

In this section, you'll describe your data collection tools. If it's a survey, will it be online or on paper?How long will it take? How many questions? What will those questions be about? Typically you'lldivide this up into how you'll measure various things (e.g., if you're measuring someone's self-esteem you'll want a sub-heading that explains what scale instrument you're using to measure that).

Your first section should be about demographic items to be examined (you need demographicinfo regardless of your method – how you collect it and which specific items you care about maydiffer).If you're doing a survey – talk about the specific questions, scales, and variables you'remeasuring. If you're doing an interview – describe your interview protocol. If you're doingsecondary data analyses – explain which variables you are requesting and what the data shouldlook like (e.g., we are requesting gender data which should specify whether the youth identifiesas male, female, or other).

Reference to an Appendix A – which is where you will list all of your questions/scales in your study.

(4) Appendix A

List of survey questions, interview protocol, or list of measures from archival data and where you willfind them. So, the materials is where you describe the instruments and this is where you actuallyprovide the full thing. Must include all of the specifics. If you say in your method that your interviewwill consist of 10 open-ended questions. You must list those 10 open-ended questions here.For example if you are going to ask about gender. Do not simply say "1. gender" in the appendix.Instead write something like:

1. What is your gender?a. Male

3/30/22, 10:04 PM Proposal Assignment #2: Proposed Study, RQs, and Method

https://ecourses.pvamu.edu/courses/15558/assignments/211669 3/3

B. FemaleC. Other (please specify) ______________.

Below are examples of proposals submitted in my previous courses and of research articles. Look at theMETHOD SECTION only to get examples of what is expected of you in this assignment.

Final_Proposal_Bullying.pdf (this is a full proposal with my feedback).Example Method (earned a B).docx (this is just a method section and appendix with my feedback).Example from Dissertation – Recruitment and Measures Only.docx (this example is only part ofthe method and measures. I mostly wanted to provide this as a good example of how you wouldwrite up and organize the different parts of your questionnaire, by variables, and what they may looklike in the appendix. This is obviously MUCH MORE than is expected, yours would be must smallerthan this).

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