research on peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic of the importance of design and illustrations in websites (do not use Google or Wikipedia). Choose an article that includes all parts listed in the Article Critique Rubric located on the Moodle course page. Download the file in the attachment below to type in your responses, then upload the completed file.*After downloading the word document below, type your responses directly into the word file. 




Parts of Article Critique

Student Responses


Your First and Last Name


Author(s)   First and Last Name


Article   Title


Publication   Date: Year


Journal Name


Journal   Volume


Journal   Number


Journal   Pages


Article Abstract:   highlight and copy the exact abstract from the article chosen and paste the   abstract here


Takeaway: In a bulleted list, write a few sentences about what you have learned from the   article. 

*The takeaway should be written in your own words with no similarity. 

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