Project Name: Case 1 

Date: 03/29/2022


Product Vision/Mission Statement/Success criteria


“Creating a better world, one charitable donation at a time.” Increase the number of electronic donations made by members of our organization.

Mission Statement:

Establish a product that will increase the ease in which an individual can electronically donate money to charitable causes.

Success Criteria:

Measure the number of donations made using the newly developed product within the first six months of production. 


Identify work components (quantifiable good/service) which will be an output of the initiative.

1.   A finished technological product that is easy to use.

2.   A payment system that connects charitable organizations with  individuals willing to donate funds. 




The project team must identify the assumptions they will be working under as the project goes forward.  These assumptions are what the project manager/team expect to have or be made available without anyone specifically stating so. 


Constraints are restrictions or limitations that the project manager must deal with pertaining to people, money, time, or equipment.  It is the project manager’s role to balance these constraints with available resources in order to ensure project success.


Identify any risks/issues:

1.   Unable to identify all glitches in the system

2.   Cybersecurity Risk – must protect the personal banking information/employee identification information of all end users

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