Psych 441 The Case of Tina and Her Family, April 5, 2022 Case Discussion Notes/Questions You can take notes in advance and also complete or add to some sections after meeting with your group. These notes will be due the day after the discussion via Blackboard (group leaders only). Related Readings posted with the case: 1. Reasonable Efforts for Family Preservation pp.1-4 2. Determining the Best Interest of the Child_2020_Child Welfare.gov pp. 1-4 Group Leader___________________________________ Participants in your group (student names) Case Discussion Process 1. Identify the Actors (Family, School, Community) and their Roles 2. Identify the settings/environments (contexts where case takes place; you can also refer to systems within the ecological model) The group can now begin to discuss and share examples in the following three areas I. Response to the Case: 1. What aspects of this case study are most compelling? 2. Identify a few key points from the case and some examples of how family changes and disruptions may be affecting Tina’s behavior. What behavioral style does Tina exhibit in school during this time of transition? Could this be related to her temperament, mom’s neglect, the absence of her father, and/or her reaction to mom’s depression and family changes?


II.Role of Early Childhood Teachers and Programs [select one] 1. What are your thoughts on the role of early childhood teachers and programs in providing emotional support and consistency for children facing family challenges and disruptions? 2. How is support more critical when family crisis involves abuse and/or neglect and leads to a child’s placement in foster or kinship care? III. Your Thoughts and Ideas on Family Preservation, and the Best Interests of the Children. 1. In terms of family preservation, do you think Tina’s mom Donna should continue to have opportunities to reunite with her children? Why or why not? What would be the key considerations? You can refer to the family preservation document as you consider your ideas. 2. What is in the best interests of Tina and her brothers? You can refer to the Best Interests document as you to consider your ideas. Final Thoughts: You can discuss what else you would want or need to know to help develop your viewpoints on the case.

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