Project Management2

Project Management

James B. Christa

Columbia Southern University

1. Title of the project

The project title is Upgrading The IT Department.

2. Description of the project

The business environment is changing quickly and companies need to adapt to the changes for them to be relevant. Technological challenges are also on the rise; companies need to upgrade to deal with the challenges. In this case, the project involves the acquisition and installation of the best software and hardware in the market to improve efficiency and effectiveness especially of the IT department. The project intends to help the company work faster and also ensure that its digital files and documents are secured from unauthorized access. Due to the changes in the business environment, it is necessary for organizations to also embrace changes so that they can compete effectively.

3. Project timeframe

The project is estimated to take two months. According to Schwalbe (2015), when a project is initiated, it needs time to be completed. The allocated time is determined by analyzing several factors such as the complexity of the project as well as the specific tasks that should be done. In this case, after considering all factors, it was estimated that the project would take two months.

4. Members of the project team

A typical project needs stakeholders from different functions of the organization (Harpham, 2017). The following are the project team leaders: head of IT, accountant, project manager, procurement manager, market research analyst, and quality control official. These are the senior participants who work together with other members of the workforce. Each of them heads a specific segment of the project.


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