It will be the student’s responsibility to take the initiative to  identify and schedule an appointment with a professional working in the  field. You are responsible for interviewing a professional working in  the criminal justice/public safety discipline.  The person should be a  director, a police chief, or senior executive in public safety, a first  line supervisor or a professional emergency manager.  Identify an  individual who has actually been in a leadership role when a crisis  occurred in their organization.  Your written synopsis of the interview  should include:

  • A brief overview of the critical incident.  
  • A discussion of the leadership traits that were utilized to lead the  crisis; was there a plan in place prior to the crisis and was there a  crisis communications plan utilized?  
  • Finally, identify what steps the leader took to prepare them to effectively lead in a crisis situation. 
  • During the course of their career, what proactive steps did they  take (training, professional development, diverse work experiences,  etc.) to become a successful crisis manager & leader.
  • How would you relate the findings of your interview with the reading materials for this week?
  • Papers should be four (4) pages in length in APA format.

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