Written Assignment

After watching the Ted Talk Video – 8 Lessons on Building a Company People Enjoy Working For – Write a 1/2 page paper discussing what you learned and what you would apply to your own company. Be specific, write in the APA format. 


Its time to start working on your business plan.

Your business plan will be submitted in three parts for feedback:

· Part 1 due at the end of week 3: Company Description; Products and Services; Organization and Leadership

· Part 2 due at the end of week 5: Market Analysis; Strategy and Implementation

· Part 3 dues at the end of week 7: Financial Plan and Projections; Executive Summary

You must use APA format for the paper, start building the reference page and make sure to properly format the references in alphabetical order. Use a grammar/spell check! Check your paper for plagiarism before submitting. You can use Unicheck ($15) or a free website; do not submit a paper that has any copied/pasted content. You will receive a failing grade if you do!

Follow the content of the template (you can find the template in Week 2).

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