Diversity module 5


Andrews, M. M., Boyle, J. S., & Collins, J.M., (2020). Transcultural concepts in nursing care (8th ed.). Wolters Kluwer/LWW.

· Chapters 11 and 13


Health Inequities and Their Causes

 for the link to the website.


Journal Articles:

Abbasinia, M., Ahmadi, F., & Kazemnejad, A.  (2020). Patient advocacy in nursing: A concept analysis. Nursing Ethics, 27(1), 141-151.  


 to download the article.

Bahramnezhad, F., Cheraghi, M.A., & Mehrdad, N. (2018). Do-not-resuscitate in Iranian Muslim

families. Holistic Nurs Pract 32(5), 240-246.

. to download the article.


Guiding Questions

1. What is the difference between ethical relativism and universalism? 

1. How are moral philosophies socially and culturally constituted? 

1. What is patient advocacy and how do you as a nurse play a role in advocating for your patients and community? 

1. What is the difference between social justice and distributive justice? 

1. How do you define health inequities? 

1. Do health inequities affect health outcomes of the individual, family and population? 

 for the link to the website.

1. Log on to website.

2. Continue as a guest.

3. Read the Preliminary Information

4. Click on ‘I wish to proceed’

5. Take the following Implicit Association Tests and be sure to write your results down after you have completed each test. You will be using the results on M5 A11. 

         Race IAT 

Asian IAT 

Sexuality IAT 

Religion IAT 

Arab-Muslim IAT 

Transgender IAT 

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