· Length of the Paper : 5 -6 pages – including all graphs and tables

· Font: Times New Roman 12

· Spacing: 1.5

Title of the paper and names of authors

Example : The Future of Democracy in USA

by John Hannity and Wolf Carpenter


Clearly state the current economic situation of the country. State if it is a low income country or a high income country. Use the following World Bank criteria.

Path to Current Economic Status

Explain if the country has gone through an industrial revolution.

If so, what was the role of the government?

What was the role of private enterprises and markets?

Quote References where necessary and use them to highlight your statements.

If not, explain why.


· Use the MLA style given in the following link or any other professional style.

Criteria of Grading the Paper

1. Relevance of cited research papers to the developments in the country

2. Quality of explanation of the economic developments of the country

3. Analysis of the causes of industrialization or lack of it

4. Quality of Conclusion

5. Extent of own writing: – DO NOT COPY AND PASTE, if you have to quote others’ work provide them within inverted commas, with an acknowledgement and the source.

6. Do not post papers you have submitted to any other classes

7. We will be checking plagiarism using Turnitin Software

8. Correct way of quoting references

9. Correct format

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