EDSP 377

Scenario: pre-k socialization intervention Assignment Instructions


You are a pre-K teacher in an inclusive classroom. Jian, is a 3-year-old student in your class and was recently diagnosed with ASD. Jian is also an English language learner. In addition to being an English language learner, Jian seems to have difficulty speaking even in his native language. Jian's parents have expressed their concerns that Jian does not seem to have any friends in the class. You know Jian has difficulty interacting with his peers as he lacks the social skills to initiate relationships. Your job is to assess and develop an intervention plan to support Jian’s social skills.  



Drawing upon the considerations related to social skills development as well as specific interventions discussed in the textbook, create a socialization intervention plan to support Jian in his inclusion setting.  


Step 1: Outline the daily contexts in which Jian must function, the social demands of each identified context, and Jian's level of socialization in those contexts to determine the skills he needs to learn. 


Step 2: Identify the steps you would take to formally evaluate the social contexts and demands for Jian. Identified steps should consider Jian’s overall communication needs and needs as an English language learner.  


Step 3: Outline 3 possible interventions that may best support Jian in relation to outlined social contexts and demands in Step 1. Interventions should consider Jian’s overall communication needs and needs as an English language learner. 


Step 4: The following considerations should be addressed within the reflection: an explanation of how you approached assessing the daily contexts, identification of potential implementation barriers, and how the plan may be introduced to typically developing peers. 

The final assignment should:  

· Be at least 3 pages, double spaced, including reflection but excluding title page and reference page. 

· Follow all current APA formatting guidelines.  

· Include at least three references and two biblical principles cited within the reflection.   

· Acceptable references include the course text, online resources, and scholarly works no more than five years old. 



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