KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Comprehensive and thorough working knowledge of the programs, goals, priorities, policies, and administrative procedures of OAG, CSSD, and the organizational entity to which assigned, and skill in applying this knowledge in completing assignments and/or administrative support operations.

Skill in effective oral and written communication sufficient to advise and assist employees in completing required reports or documents and/or issuing any general clerical/administrative procedures for OAG.

Knowledge of English grammar, spelling, punctuation, and the required correspondence formats to ensure accuracy and adherence to established requirements before being distributed by the supervisor or higher-level staff.

Knowledge of office automation sufficient to input and extract information necessary to prepare, edit, or distribute reports. A qualified typist is required.

Knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, such as Word, Excel, and Outlook.


KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: General knowledge of the mission, functions, organization, policies, and requirements of the District and federal governments and the work processes of child support.

Basic knowledge of qualitative and quantitative analytic methods and techniques to analyze data on the performance, efficiency, and effectiveness of CSSDs program activities.

Familiarity with the automated the District of Columbia Child Support Enforcement System (DCCSES), code tablets, forms, and program logic to identify required data used in the child support program operations.

Basic knowledge of District and Federal laws pertaining to the paternity and child support program processes.

Knowledge of, and ability to provide, effective monitoring and administrative support.

General skill to conduct in-person or telephone interviews in order to evaluate the extent of customers knowledge of the options and choices open to them and to explain the requirements placed on them by laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

Ability to prepare clear and concise reports and analysis of matters that impact the assigned unit.

Ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, with a wide variety of individuals with varying backgrounds.

Ability to use office automation equipment sufficient to input and extract information necessary to prepare, edit, or distribute correspondence, reports, and other documents or information. General knowledge of Microsoft Office tools, such as Word, Power Point, Excel, and Outlook.

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