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Use your Social Policy and Social Programs text to complete the following:

  • Read Chapter 7, “How Do We Pay for Social Welfare Policies and Programs?” pages 139157.

Use the Capella Library to complete the following:

  • Hasenfeld, Y., & Garrow, E. E. (2012). . Social Service Review, 86(2), 295322.
  • Lipsky, M. (1984). . Social Service Review, 327.      
    • This article provides historical context.

For this discussion, consider the following:

  • You apply for federal help in funding a program aimed at  improving minority health care in your area. The program serves people  of all ages who are suffering from specified ailments, but has a means  testing eligibility requirement that limits aid based on income level.  Investigate which type of grant funding, categorical or block, would be  better for this program, and provide resources to substantiate you  choice.

Use this unit’s readings to inform your discussion.

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