please use this website to complete the following part A and B  

Part I ‘FDA Information, Interesting Topics, And Personal Use Review’. 

A. FDA 2020 Information

1. Please Title the top of this page, which is page one: ‘ Part I A: FDA Information, Interesting Topics, And Personal Use Review’. .

2. Please provide the citation data for the FDA website in APA format. This should include the official title of the website.

3. Please state the official formal full name of the FDA.

4. Please list the FDA’s official address and contact phone. The address should be a street address, not a post office box.

5. Locate the Administration’s Mission Statement. Copy and paste it, or retype it word for word, into your document.

6. A. Please state the full name of who is the current head of FDA.

  B. Please choose five different areas, divisions, or offices that interest you. 

    State the official name of the area, division, or office; Identity who the current lead is for each and state their full name. 

B. FDA Interesting Topics And Personal Use Review

1. Please title the top of this page, which is page two: ‘ Part I B, FDA Topics And Personal Use Review’

2. Please discuss, in one paragraph, the initial ‘impact’ and ‘wow factors’, i.e. how, or, did it, attract you, headline topics, etc. 

3. Please discuss how you feel the website is organized. This should be a fairly in-depth summary paragraph.

4. Please briefly state how appealing the website was to you from:

    A.) An artistic viewpoint, include color, layout, graphics, tables, topics, etc., in two to four paragraphs

    B.) An important trusted source standpoint for information, updates, recalls, etc., in two to four paragraphs, and

    C.) An ease of use process for diverse populations in two to four sentences in one paragraph.. 

5. Please describe, as specifically as possible using only three to six sentences, how you used the website to learn. 

6. Please describe, as specifically as possible using only three to six sentences, how you prioritized topics, i.e. how you selected and categorized topics  

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