Please answer each question separately


Choose one of the following topics and describe the ethical issues that might arise for psychologists with respect to that topic. 

  • Interrogations and Ethics
  • National Security and Ethics
  • Corporate Funding and Ethics
  • Online Therapy and Ethics
  • Social Media and Ethics


 What is the nature of language and what role do symbols and language play in society? How do social relationships and social structure impact and shape communication? Can you think of examples from your own life? 


 Questions to answer in this week’s discussion.

1. What was the most enlightening part of the talk? What really stood out to you? 

2. Have you ever done any of the conversation killers that she discussed?

3. What specific actions would you take to utilize some of her recommendations? 

4. If you changed anything about yourself this week based on her talk what were some of your observations? 



  • share your thoughts on how the Theory of Evolution helps one develop and change over time.
  • In addition, discuss how you identify changes you have seen in your development, noting the specific theory that is most closely related to your developmental changes.

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