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After listening to the podcast (or reviewing the transcript of the podcast): The Financial Consequences of ACA  Repeal, consider the consequences of ACA repeal and answer the following questions incorporating your own thoughts and ideas.

Your submission should be in paragraph format (proper APA format) and be 3-5 pages in length (including a cover page and a reference page). Please utilize reputable, outside sources when formulating your answers.

Link to podcast:

  1. Discuss and further elaborate on the consequences of ACA repeal that were discussed in the podcast.
    2. How do you think ACA repeal would impact healthcare in your state as well as healthcare jobs in your state?
    3. How would this repeal affect Medicaid coverage?
    4. How would this repeal affect Medicare beneficiaries?
    5. How would this repeal affect the uninsured?
    6. How would this affect patients with otherwise protected pre-existing conditions?
    7. What role should the government play in providing Americans with health care? What role should the marketplace play?


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