Livewell is an online low-cost psychotherapy service similar to or , but focuses on patients over 55 years of age. While Livewell has been successful over their HIPAA-compliant web portal, the company now wants to deploy their service through a mobile app for Apple iPhones and iPads and Android tablets and phones.

  • This app must . It must pass all the security controls when reviewed by an independent security auditor
  • The app must allow secured two-way video chat using built-in device cameras.
  • The app must be available through iTunes and Google Play.

Use the structure of the attached business case template to develop a business case for YOUR case study. (Assignment should be in this format)

Weigh different options for execution and do the math on these–with at least Net Present Value and ROI. Google business cases for similar projects; this is where you will find your investment, cash outflow, and cash inflow numbers. For your NPV calculation, consider a 5-year benefit horizon and a 10% discount rate (for NPV). 

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