• Complete the following . Based on this survey, what appears to be your strongest learning style? Do you agree? If you do agree, explain why. If you don’t agree with the survey results, what do you feel is your strongest learning style and why?

Based on the survey, my learning style is mild kinesthetic.  I agree with this because it states that a person with that learning behavior likes things that are real.  For example, I learn better when I see an actual tutorial or follow step by step instructions with pictures.  Being able to visualize what the outcome is helps to ensure that I am following procedures correctly.   VARK Learn Limited (2022)

  • Some researchers believe that we do not have just one “strongest” learning style, but in fact, will use a variety of styles based on what it is we are trying to learn. Can you think of a learning task that you might face in which your “strongest” learning style might not work? Which one might work better?

A task that my learning style would not benefit would be anything that is only audible.  If I had an assignment where I was to listen to a video or a recording that that only verbally explained, I would have to use the read/write learning style to be successful.  When I am being taught something without an example to follow, I have to make sure that I am taking detailed notes to reflect on.  If an assignment does not offer any visual guidance, I also like to talk with someone or research it to make sure the idea that I have is aligned with what is requested. 

  • Based on the VARK Questionnaire Results page, identify two strategies from the help sheet links that might benefit you in an educational setting. Explain if you can start using these strategies right away in FOR110.

One strategy was to put plenty examples into my notes.  Examples are beneficial because they help you relate what you are learning to reality.  If I have more examples, I will have a better understanding of the true concept of what I am learning.  Another suggestion was to use previous assessments to learn from for the future.  I think this can be helpful in FOR110 because I can look at the feedback that I received and use that to enhance my next assignment.  VARK Learn Limited (2022)

  • Complete the following 64-question personality survey based on . Report your type (example: ISTP), read the full description under the Self-development heading, and then explain how you can use this information personally, academically, and professionally.

My personality type is Introvert Intuitive Feelings and Judging (INFJ).  The description was very relatable to how I really think and feel.  There were a lot of things mentioned that helped me understand possibly why I think certain ways and how I may come off to certain people.  The only negative or eye-opening insight was the mentioning of how someone with my personality can be empathetic but also cause discomfort in stressful situations.  I am self-aware and I can tell when my energy is affecting someone else.  I am going to monitor myself the next time I am in a stressful situation whether it be in life, work or school to see if I am being positive.  If not, I will take steps to ensure that I am working to improve my character.  Humanmetrics Inc. (1998-2022)

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