In our readings this week, there was a great deal of material on handling change. Please detail a project you currently are working on and describe how it could be managed better by using the change methods in the APM.

The paper should detail the initial project business case, how the project was planned in an agile mode and the environment of the organization (is the process stable, are stakeholders accountable etc.) If you do not have a agile project to use, take a upcoming project and apply the theory to that project and describe how you would handle change by doing agile. Also, detail the impediments you will or may encounter and how you will address them.  Submit a 3-page APA-formatted paper. Need Help?

  • Instructions on how to access and upload assignments are available via the Technical Support link in the left-hand course menu.
  • If you have any questions or comments regarding this assignment, please contact your facilitator or instructor via the discussion boards or directly via email.

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