The word genogram refers to a diagram illustrating a person’s family members, how they are related, and their medical history. It comprises of the following elements: 

       Pictorial representation of the family unit

       Diagram of health concerns and or behavior patterns 

(Rudd & Kucisko, 2019)

For this activity, you are to create a genogram of the Jones family. 

You can draw your genogram either by hand, or you can use any word processing program to create graphics. Investigate how sickle cell trait can affect the offspring of the Jones family. 

Mr. Jones is 57-year-old and is a carrier of sickle cell trait; his wife Ms. Jones is 50 years, and she also has sickle cell trait. Use the following questions to guide your genogram. Limit your genogram to 3 generations

How many of the children might be born with sickle cell disease?  

How many percent of their children might not be affected?

How many percent might have the sickle cell trait? 

This activity is voluntary and must be turned in on time. No extensions. This assignment is due week 4 @ 2300 the evening prior to class. 

The assignment should reflect college-level work by a student desiring a BSN degree.  Include a key (can be found in the textbook). The rubric is attached. 

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