Video Submission Assignment 1 


Send signed consent form by patient volunteer to Instructor.  

Have patient dress in appropriate lab attire (tank top an shorts).  

Do not include patients name or identity in video. 

Attempt not to include patient face in video. 

Dress in professional work place attire such as scrubs/ or polo with khakis.  

Must wash your hands before and after treatment 

Equipment needed:  


Plinth or flat firm surface 

Towels/ sheets for draping as needed 

Treatment intervention tools: (such as KT tape, percussion tool, etc.) 


Create a Presentation video using link provided in announcements (Screen-O-Matic)

Provide screen cast and text information within this submission with all key points of discussion. 

Video should be, no more than 4 minutes long, based on intervention of your choice covered during weeks 1 and 2 according to their respective class (therapeutic modality / manual skill) 

You must explain the rationale of intervention, demonstrate proficiency with this skill, and provide indications of use, contraindications and method to the chosen skill.  

Review all rubrics for grading criteria prior so that you are fully aware of what is expected with this assignment.  



Submit by May 29, 2022 – 11:30pm  

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