Film is better than life! No down time, no boredom, just action…So its not real, but it is even better!

Let’s see if this hold true for career counselling or job acquisition.

This assignment focuses on the rich world around us. You are asked to complete an assessment of how a specific person (or a few people) has a successful career.  Your review will be more substantial than the sample shown here, and you can use any film which includes as a MAJOR element, employment, transition, etc, so basically the items covered in this course. For example “An Officer and a Gentleman” relates how an unsuccessful loner enters into a promising career in the Navy. “Reach for the Sky” shows how a disabled pilot (a double amputee) has an unlikely career in the Royal Airforce. 

, because there are only dot points shown, but you also can use any other film if it meets these criteria.

Criteria for acceptance:

Film must not be a documentary

It must be over 1 hour long 

It must be about an issue or person which lends itself to a discussion of career/work success or failure (so is not only about a sports contest, or nature etc).

It can be about only one person or several people so “El Norte”, “Mulholland Drive”  will work. 

So here is what to do for the film YOU choose.

Name it, and say in one or two sentence what’s its about. If a student is going to do this incorrectly, this is the commonest error. Some students give a detailed synopsis of the plot. Please do not offer a detailed summary of the story. The story details are not needed. 

Then, focus on only the work, job, career aspects of your subject(s) (one or more people’s work experience), not the politics, technology or legal aspects. For example if you choose a film about immigration work, do not lapse into a discussion of immigration politics. If you discuss prison officer careers, ignore issues about “mass incarceration”, the death penalty etc. 

“Takeaways”. What are the two or three key points about the subject group(s) work, career issues or problems? What are their top problems? Are they a good fit for their work? What is likely to happen to these people? What counselling did they use if any? If none, would it have helped? 

Because it will take a little while to find, and you have to get access to WiFi or TV – which might be at specific times,  (but you will be find them for free on services like Youtube)  and schedule time to watch, the documentary, I gave you advanced notice of this assignment. 

Complete a review of a career, work, job, related film.

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