his week we assemble the budget for Reynolds, and it will be a departure from their normal budget as they have, obviously, expanded. The annual budget should reflect all the upgrades and changes you’ve considered in weeks 1-3. There may also be a need for a supplemental budget dedicated solely to the upgrade and integration projects. However, there still needs to be an annual budget submitted to management.

Prepare the budget, being as specific as possible, using an Excel Spreadsheet. You’ll also need to prepare an executive summary defending your budget.

This is a two-part assignment.

Part 1

Create a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet proposing the Reynolds Tool & Die companys IT operations annual budget, including maintenance, licensing, and any proposed new investments, such as hardware, software, cloud services, and/or outsourcing.

Part 2

Create a 1- to 2-page executive summary defending your budget choices in terms of innovation and efficiency.

Carefully read the .

Review the .

Save your IT budget as a Microsoft Excel document.

Format your executive summary according to APA guidelines.

Save it as a Microsoft Word document.

Submit both documents.

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