MUST BE 600 WORDS ATLEAST 5 CITATIONS  from the required reading and presentation must be included in answering the assigned questions WITH Biblical integration must be      included in a thoughtful manner as articulated in the required reading and presentations.   

In reviewing this module’s question, incorporate your understanding of economic development. Also consider any experiences and what you have observed in your community. Select an economic development project in your community.

The project must have been implemented and/or completed within the past 10 years. Provide background about the project and the intended economic benefits.  In presenting your overview of the project, compare the project’s development process to the economic planning challenges outlined in Leigh and Blakely text, Chapter 1 -4.  To what degree did the community economic development project experience the transition in local planning?

Also, based upon your understanding of Chapter 1 – 2 of the McDonald text, outline the causal theory that under-girds your jurisdictions development project. What has been identified as enhancing prospects for community sustainability? Describe in detail the configuration of public, private, and not-for-profit sector linkages that proved instrumental in making your communitys project a reality?

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