Using Internet resources,

1. Find at least one Bayer product in each of the breakthrough, platform, and derivative categories (minimum a total of 3 products). You must place the products on the graph (attached PowerPoint) to receive credit for this assignment, and explain your choices and references. A breakthrough product must be within the past 5 years to qualify. Platform products enable the development of derivatives.

2. How do you think the acquisition of Monsanto by Bayer changed the resource allocation strategy?

Review the optional article on this topic: Product Development Types

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You just started working as a Health Service Manager for a health care company within an industry below.  First choose an industry below to discuss the questions that follow:

  1. Pharmaceutical (generic drugs)
  2. Pharmaceutical (patented drug)
  3. Any physician specialty (e.g. cardiology, ophthalmology, etc.)
  4. Hospital (national Network)
  5. Small rural hospital

Your boss has asked you to write a report detailing the factors impacting the supply of your product or services and how the market structure of your  impacts the quantity supplied and the pricing of your product or service. 

Answer the first four questions (and Q6) below relying primarily on the course readings and other resource material presented in this class. You can use external UMGC library resources to research Q5  below in order to research government regulations impacting your industry.  Cite and refer all resources used whether internal or external.

  1. Describe the product or service you supply to your patients.
  2. Identify the market structure of your industry and the analyze the key characteristics of your industry that lead to your identification of this market structure.
  3. Given this market structure, evaluate how prices charged for your services/products are determined.
  4. Evaluate how does the existence of private and public insurance influence the revenues you receive for this service/product.
  5. Given the government regulations impacting the health industry that have been discussed in this class, identify and discuss a government regulation that has been implemented in this industry.
  6. Identify a market failure(s) discussed in class that the government regulation attempted to address.

In writing your report be sure to include your name and in the subject line identify the health care entity you chose above. In order for your boss to easily review your report, please include section headers to correspond to the questions below. The memo should be at least 4 double-spaced pages (excluding the cover page). 

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Select a company that you are interested in that has global supply chains, operations and/or production. Research that company. As part of this assessment create a dossier on their business practices as it relates to these areas. Make sure you address the following points:

  • Discuss the structure of their global supply chains, operations, and/or production.
  • Evaluate the critical functions of the business. 
  • Identify 2 significant threats or challenges the company is currently facing.  
  • Suggest 2 potential strategies to each of those identified threats.  
  • Identify 1 possible future threat or challenge the company might face.
  • Suggest 1 potential strategy to mitigate that future risk.
  • Evaluate your strategies and create an executive summary that makes a clear recommendation.  
  • Explain your decision making process. Make sure you include some risk assessment.

Your paper should be in APA format, 46 pages (double spaced, approximately 1200+ words) and include at least 5 references.

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For this assignment, APA format must be used as you answer these questions in paragraph form. Be sure to include a title page, a reference page, and in-text citations. This case study includes using the knowledge you have gained from readings throughout the course. Some questions have multiple parts, please ensure you are addressing all of them

Research Willis Carrier and the history of the air conditioning industry using the listed resources to answer the following questions in this Final Case Study.

  • Carrier. (2019). [Website] 
  • Popular Mechanics. (2019). [Website].
  • Steinmetz, K. (2010, July). . Time.

The minimum word count for this paper is 2000 words not including reference and title information

Carrier Corporation –  A Chilly Idea

Willis Carrier invented the air conditioner in 1902 to solve a variety of problems that manufacturers were experiencing with their raw materials. The Carrier Engineering Company, formed in 1915, went on to develop products that would air-condition large spaces including those outside of the manufacturing area. That feature became an effective marketing tool for retailers and eventually spread to practically every form of space occupied by humans in every country of the world.  British scholar S.F. Markham writes, “The greatest contribution to civilization in this century may well be air-conditioningand America leads the way.” Over the years, air-conditioning has been credited with the survival of institutions and industries: the heat-sensitive world of computer networks (Steinmetz, 2010).

Willis Carrier may not have ever imagined the impact that his entrepreneurial and small business spirit and actions would have on the way that we all work and live. Some of us cannot imagine living without air conditioning in our homes, cars, stores we visit and places we work.

Q1.   What form of business structure do you believe is best for the entrepreneur Willis Carrier and his company The Carrier Engineering Company when Carrier first started? What about today, given Carriers growth and size? Explain

Q2.   List the key stakeholders in The Carrier Engineering Company.

Q3.   Develop a SWOT analysis for this business listing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (as you would imagine they might be back in 1915).

Q4. If you were to have completed a feasibility analysis for this business, you would have been able to make sure you were on the right track moving forward. 

Answer these two questions that are addressed with a feasibility analysis knowing what you know now about the use of air conditioning.

  • Is there sufficient demand for this product or service?
  • Can the product or service be provided on a profitable basis? Explain your answers.

Q5. With competitive advantages, it is important to lay out what really differentiates your product from your competitors. (Keep in mind that price is not a very good competitive advantage for most entrepreneurs as it does not generate repeat business and most entrepreneurs and small businesses want and need to have repeat business.)

  • Describe some ideas for competitive advantages for Willis Carrier and his business. How can he translate these advantages into a strategic plan?
  •  Recommend two steps he can take to ensure his companys success in a competitive business market.

Q6. Describe the financial statements that you would recommend Willis Carrier utilize to track the financial health of his firm.

  • Are they the same ones he should continue use as his business grows from a small company to a large one? Explain why this may have changed.

Assignment Resource(s)


Carrier. (2019). About Us [Website] Retrieved from

Popular Mechanics. (2019). A Brief History of Air Conditioning [Website]. Retrieved from

Steinmetz, K. (2010, July). Air conditioning. Time. Retrieved from,8599,2003081,00.html 

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5 slides not including the cover slide and the reference slide. 

Every slide needs to include 100 words in the Notes section.

 Slides must have pictures and graphics as opposed to being all word slides.

discuss the areas of employee safety that are most important to you.

 Do you feel the organization has the same concerns as you? 

Should safely standards vary depending on the nature of the business?  Why?

You must use at least one reference, in addition to your book and you need to use in-text citations. 

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In this class you have covered, the gray area of the law, the legal environment of the law, contracts agreements and consideration and the environment of risk.

Your assignment is to write an 8-page final paper on each of the four sections.  (ie) 2 pages on each section detailing the most important aspects that you took away from each area. On average one page using Times New Roman (12-point font, Double spaced) is around 250 words per page. Your paper should be around 2000 words, plus a title page and a reference page.

You need at least two references, other than the material from the modules.

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M5 Written Assignment

This assignment should be between 2 and 4 pages, and should be the product of careful thought and more than one draft. Please remember that when providing an answer to the specific questions posed, it is not enough to give the correct answer unless you back up that answer with a legal argument that includes the following:

  1. A brief restatement of the legal question posedusually a sentence or two that focus on the specific legal issue in this case, without reference to extraneous facts or information.
  2. A statement of the applicable law or rule that should be applied to the facts in this case. This will be taken from the text, and will not consist of a personal opinion or ethical reaction, but rather be a statement (usually only one or two sentences) that summarizes the rule of law that you will apply to come to a correct answer. You should not restate the law in its entirety, but instead summarize the appropriate law into a short explanation of the ruling principle in this case.
  3. Finally, a clear statement that explains how you applied the applicable law to these facts to reach a specific conclusion. This will usually be a few sentences culminating in an answer to the specific question posed in the text. This portion of your answer should demonstrate original thinking and reasoning, and result in a definite conclusion.

All three elements are really needed for a complete answer. Remember that a “gut” feeling or an answer that tells me what you think is “right” is not enough in a course that emphasizes the accuracy of application and the importance of making a persuasive argument that explains that application.

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Report on Corporate Social Responsibility (800 words) 

CASE = Corporate Social Responsibility regarding the company Coca Cola

Coca Cola CSR programs and initiatives engaged by the company.

1. This report shall include an excellent and critical reflection on the theories and practices of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), in general. It shall then provide a coherent & well-presented Summary of the CASE, including the background of the CASE.

2. You need to clearly articulate the key issues and dilemmas of the CASE.

3. You shall deploy suitable theories and frameworks pertaining to CSR in your analysis of the CASE and provide exceptionally creative synthesises of the CASE and offer some potential recommendations for enhancing good practices of CSR, in general.

Excellent reflection on the theories & practices of CSR (50 points)

Good summary and synthesis of the dilemma of the case (35 points)

Clarify of structure and mechanical soundness (15 points)

Total = 100 points

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In this assignment, you will plan to conduct an audit of a sales organization and hold a sales meeting to discuss your findings. Prepare one document that includes both your 500-word business memo and the 500-word script of what you will say at the sales meeting. Read the situations carefully so you know what to include in each part.

You have been selected as the new sales manager of Rapid Digital, a firm founded 20 years ago to provide digital repair services and equipment to other businesses. You are replacing the long-time sales manager (who retired) to bring fresh thinking to the sales organization and its 30 salespeople. The vice president of marketing has asked you to audit the sales organization and prepare a business memo of at least 500 words that describes, in detail, how you will conduct the audit. Be sure to explain the role of sales volume, cost, and profitability in your audit. How do these three evaluate the effectiveness of the sales organization? Also, be sure to discuss the concept of benchmarking and how it will be used in your audit to determine the effectiveness of the salesforce.

Your audit of the sales organization raises questions in your mind about the accuracy of the expense information submitted by salespeople and whether some reps may be stretching ethical boundaries to make sales. You decide to call a sales meeting to address your concerns. What will you say? Write a script of at least 500 words that explains the importance of submitting accurate expense reports and following ethical guidelines. Include some examples of ethical lapses.

You should not use a title page but should include references for any sources you use, including the course textbook. Please include at least two scholarly sources, including your textbook.

Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting, however, is not necessary.

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Yummy Bunny Healthy Fare

Bunny Frank has done so well with Yummy Bunny Pastries that she opened a new business next door called Yummy Bunny Healthy Fare. Her customers like the idea of healthy foods. Formal and informal surveys show that customers find the food to be tasty and appealing.

Recently, though, business has fallen off, and customers have complained of slow service. Employee turnover is high, and the business is not profitable. Bunny is unsure what the problems are with her operation. She has not documented her process. She has asked you what she should do.

Identify three job design techniques in this unit that you think could be used to improve Bunnys operations. Be specific about how each technique could be applied and why you think it would be helpful.

Write Bunny a business memo of at least one page with your findings.

Memo template for this assignment is attached to the question. Your business memo should follow APA guidelines and include references to document the research you conducted. Use at least one outside source.

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