Each of your answers should be written using your own words. Do not copy and paste from your textbook or an Internet source. Ensure you cite your work and add reference(s) at the end of your journal. These should be the sources you are citing in your work. 

Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/verna_myers_how_to_overcome_our_biases_walk_boldly_toward_them?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare

  1. Workforces in many nations are changing due to changes in birth and mortality rates, immigration, age distributions, external pressures, and competition. Question: What is the significance of diversity issues on the nations growth, and how do they affect the workforce of a nation? In the U.S., how have these changes altered the national workforce? Has the focus on diversity improved or injured the national culture? Is diversity, as a construct in itself, always positive? What other factor (s) may be necessary to make diversity successful?

  1. Diversity in organizations is an aspect of societal changes and is increased or impeded by individual, organizational, and societal factors. Question: How can organizations manage diversity on a long-term basis?

  1. In this week’s Ted Talk, what actions does the speaker describe that will decrease stereotypes?

  1. What key takeaways, from this course (Managing Diversity), will you apply in the workplace?

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What Constitutes Sexual Harassment?

According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination that violates Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature constitutes sexual harassment when submission to or rejection of this conduct explicitly or implicitly affects an individuals employment, unreasonably interferes with an individuals work performance, or creates an intimidating, hostile, or offensive work environment. There are two types of sexual harassment: quid pro quo and hostile work environment. Quid pro quo, which means this for that, involves a person with power over someone else who uses that power to either benefit or harm a person based on his or her willingness to participate in or tolerate some form of sexual behavior. A hostile work environment exists when an individual is exposed to conduct that is sexual in nature, severe and/or pervasive, and unwelcome or unwanted; a power imbalance may or may not exist. 

Assignment: Read each scenario below, and then in an APA formatted Word Document explain each scenario and determine whether each constitutes sexual harassment, and explain why or why not. Be sure to utilize what you have learned about sexual harassment, and cite your sources and list your references. 

Scenario 1

Mary and Bill work in the same department and have known each other for over a year. Mary and Bill are friendly, but nothing romantic has occurred between them. One day, Mary asks Bill if he would like to go out after work.

Scenario 2

Charles is attracted to his coworker, Shelly, but Shelly is unaware of the attraction. He tells her one morning, You look really nice today.

Scenario 3

At a company party, employees are called up individually to receive year-end bonuses. Susan is shocked to discover that whereas the men in her department receive cash, she and her female coworkers receive flowers.

Scenario 4

Adam and a coworker are looking at a sexually explicit Web site. Someone walks in and sees the Web site. That person is offended and reports the incident to Adams supervisor, who never tells Adam about the complaint. The person walks into Adams office three more times in the next several months and again sees sexually explicit material on Adams screen. The person never tells Adam that he is offended.

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The university that I chose is Northern Kentucky University. This university is located in Campbell County, Kentucky in Northern Kentucky. The student population is as follows: 80.3% White, 7.78% Black or African American, 3.66% Hispanic or Latino, 2.84% Two or More Races, 1.86% Asian, 0.154% American Indian or Alaskan Native, and 0.123% Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islanders. In 2020, 16,211 students were enrolled at Northern Kentucky University. For the undergraduate programs, 47.2% are white females, followed by 32.1% white males, and Black American females come in at 4.61%. Students that enroll in full-time graduate programs are 54% white females, 25.7% white males and 7.38% Black American females.

It seems like more and more women are showing and proving that just as productive if not more. Women are outperforming men which can set up the younger generation for success. The older generation are breaking through the glass boundaries which paves the way for the younger generation. “Although appoinment of women and minorities to challenging positions may appear to be fostering diversity, setting them up to fail may ultimately be more negative for diversity efforts.” 

Once women recieved the equal rights and opportunities that allowed them to gain employment, more and more women decided to enter the workforce and not stay home caring for their children. 

When you have organizations that practice and abide by the diversity standards they will absolutely outperform organizations that do not follow as much of the diversity standard. Organizations with a diversity plan can use this to their advantage by exploring and using everyone’s background. 

Ted Talk: First, the speaker talks about the 6 dimensions to diversity. Gender, nationality, career, industry, age, and education. Wanting to measure diveristy by going into the field for research with her team. In the end, the more diverse the company, the more innovative. She made a great statement. The more diversity drives innovation, the more innovation drives diversity. For gender diversity to have an impact on innovation, more than 20% women need to be in leadership roles. 

Write 200 words of your reflection on this work? (need to be in first person) 

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Hillsborough Community College is quite diverse. College Simply gathers data from HCC which showed the percentages of each race in the student body. 35% white, 18% black, 26% Hispanic, 3% Asian, and 4% international. There are 45% more female students than male students at HCC. The number of campuses and their locations has enabled this college to persuade a diverse body of students to enroll and the inexpensive costs of it being a community college. 

As time passes, womens life expectancy is longer than men’s. This affects employment because there are more older women than men. The data shows that, Until age 18, there are more than 105 males to females and as we age the numbers for men start to decrease. 

According to the data provided in the textbook, Education level is an additional factor that affects womens propensity to be in the workforce even if they have very young children. This was surprising to me because I assumed the total opposite! Womens motherly instinct to provide for and protect themselves and family affects our drive. It motivates women to want to work to be better financially and have stability.

In the book Managing Diversity in Organizations by Myrtle P. Bell, it explains that multiple studies have found that a supportive climate, including nondiscrimination policies, and top management support are related to increased commitment and job satisfaction of sexual minorities. It is also noted that you see improvement in advantages in costs, resource acquisition, creativity, and marketing. This is true, when I work in a place where I am appreciated and respected for who I am then I devote all of my time and effort to the company. This is what outperforms competitors, respect and loyalty. 

The speaker in this weeks TED talk, Rocio spoke about gender diversity in the workplace and its effects on companies. The demographic she was targeting was her female generation and the one to come. The point of her message that she explained throughout the video was that to have a successful company it must have 2 qualities, innovative revenue, and diversity. Rocio came to this conclusion after reviewing the data she received from the study they conducted. The more diverse companies are, the more they are innovative. Some of the strategies the speaker pointed out were, that for gender diversity to have an impact on innovation, you need to have more than 20% women in leadership. Setting a target goal that companies would like to reach and following with actions to follow through.

Write 200 words of your reflection on this work? (need to be in first person)

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Respond to peer response below 

The Commercial Mobile Alert System is designed to all geo-targeted alerts and warning to mobile phones, without subscriber cost. In my opinion some advantages to the Commercial Mobile Alert System are that it does not cost any subscriber money to receive these alerts. Mobile alerts are available in national, state, local, and Tribal forms. A CMAS is sent to cell towers, so anything connected to that tower will receive the alert. The range that this system has been able to mass is almost nationwide I believe. To cover that much space and give all citizens the chance to be alerted of a danger or event is crucial. The system can even be limited down to alerting just one county opposed to alerting the entire nation that Leon County is in danger of a hurricane. People in Illinois do not need to know that. I believe that the biggest advantage to the Commercial Mobile Alert System is that it works through cell towers and sends a message to all devices connected to that tower. That could be a phone, iPad, laptop, television, etc. A person can be on any one of those devices and they would be notified of an emergency alert. It is the most efficient way to get alerts and warnings out to the public because almost everyone has a phone on them at all times. The majority of United States homes has either a television or a laptop or both, and typically one or the other is in use so that message can be seen. Some disadvantages to CMAS are that only CMAS capable phones can receive these messages which can include presidential alerts, imminent threat alerts, and AMBER alerts. Another disadvantage is that people can opt out of imminent threat alerts and AMBER alerts. I think that if an alert is sent out to notify the population of a threat, the entire population should be made aware of it. Only 90 characters are allowed for the alert, and no images or hyperlinks can be added in the message. I believe that the biggest disadvantage to this system is that only 90 characters are allowed per alert. 90 characters is about the equivalent of two short sentences. 90 characters is not enough space for a concise and specific enough message to be sent out to mass populations. There needs to be more information within a lot of public alerts other than to just take shelter or that there is a threat in the area. Humans need more information than that or worry sets in. Or maybe the opposite sets in and we as a population ignore the message because we may not think that the alert is dangerous enough or we see the same alerts over and over and are never involved in any dangerous situations. With more than just 90 characters in an alert, people would know what the alert is for, how dangerous of a situation it is, where might be the closest location to take shelter, and much more.

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Based on the video above, please answer the following questions;

Food Analysis (400 words)

1. You are using whole wheat flour as an ingredient in a baked product. Upon receiving the flour from the supplier the quality control lab is responsible to withdraw samples and carryout proximate analysis 

a. You receive ten 40 lb bags of flour at a time, state the sampling plan and size you would choose. Explain your answer

b. To determine iron content, would you use the ash obtained from dry ashing or
would you rather follow a wet ashing procedure? Explain your answer.

c. State an official method for analyzing each of the mentioned constituents, moisture, fat, protein, ash and iron. Briefly, explain the principle of each method.

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Peer 1 KS

Not only would I fire the man who dropped the socket, but I would also pursue negligent homicide charges based on him and his partner attempting to coverup the initial mistake in order to avoid any type of discipline and their mistake resulting in a casualty and numerous life-threatening injuries. I would also conduct a full review of the entire process from staff training to equipment and tool check processes for entry into and removal from the station. In the Florida prison system, there is a procedure requiring maintenance staff to provide a list of all tools down to a drill bit or socket, which is reviewed and signed off on by a security staff member, laying eyes on every listed item on the way in and out. I cant fathom a nuclear arsenal silo not having a similar process in place during which, the missing torque wrench would have been discovered before the staff made it all the way up the silo, not wanting to make the trip back down and up again for a tool which they thought could be replaced with another.

If following modern ICS and emergency management requirements, a lot more lives would have been lost which can be concerning. Lieutenant Allan Childers believed the base to be safe and wished to remain inside, while Colonel John Moser (stationed at Little Rock Air Force base, approximately 50 miles from the silo) ordered an evacuation of the site. Todays ICS requirements assign the highest-ranking individual present on scene as the incident commander which I believe would have been Lieutenant Childers based on the way he speaks of the incident and his thought process and actions, meaning Lt. Childers would have kept his staff inside the base, killing far more than the single casualty which occurred the following morning.

The incident could have been far more devastating had different decisions been made or if more safeguards had failed causing the nuclear warhead to detonate, but it could have also resolved without any injuries and casualties had there been more thought put into the actions taken. For instance, with such volatile fumes inside the silo, anybody with basic understanding of electricity and electrical motors would have known that starting up an electric motor (fan) would have created sparks, static electricity and ultimately an explosion. The base was already evacuated, there was no reason why the officials couldnt wait for the fumes to naturally dissipate, only a slightly slower process than turning on exhaust fans.

Peer 2 Kj

I would fire both individuals who were working on the socket in Damascus, AR. Plumb and Powell were both careless in regards to the safety concerns of the job. The two people were so eager to engage with other activities, to where they were careless to provide the expected routine in their work. As the two individuals continued to act confused towards the warnings and sirens as if they were not aware of the situation at hand. There were specified protocols at hand that could have prevented the situations. Everyone is aware that human error does happen, things do go wrong. If it was possible for Plumb or Powell to own up to what had happened, there could have been no fatalities at all during the situation. Plumb should have been discharged from the Air Force for his negligence and being an accomplice to Powell’s cover-up situation. Powell should have gone to jail for involuntary manslaughter. He killed his close friend due to his own error and lie. Powell and Plumb would have also killed many more individuals if the warhead would have exploded. Sending the individuals to jail would be justifiable in regards to the life being taken and the damage done because of their negligence and false statements. 

My thoughts on the outcome of the disaster is seeing how the situation could have been prevented possibly. I am not familiar with nuclear warheads but I feel that there could have been a preventive measure taken if there was advanced notice. Taking the preventive measures to ensure that nothing goes wrong would have helped everyone such as using the correct tools, it was all human error. There could have been a better plan for an escape route. One person could have utilized the control room while the others did the work and prevented the minimal damage possible. One mistake that I think was made was having the individuals going back into the area when it should have been evacuated. 

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For this weeks reading section in Grobman’s More Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 62 Professionals Tell “Real-Life” Stories From Social Work Practice, please constructively provide your thoughts as to which chapters you enjoyed and why.  You will also need to provide some thought on the chapters within the section that you did not enjoy and why.  Please make sure that you take the time to go in-depth on these posts as well as in your responses to your peers.


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For this weeks reading section in Grobman’s More Days in the Lives of Social Workers: 62 Professionals Tell “Real-Life” Stories From Social Work Practice, please constructively provide your thoughts as to which chapters you enjoyed and why. You will also need to provide some thought on the chapters within the section that you did not enjoy and why. Please make sure that you take the time to go in-depth on these posts as well as in your responses to your peers.

Part 4 (Ch. 25): Disaster Mental Health Services
Part 1 (Ch. 1): Health Care
Part 7 (Ch. 38): Criminal Justice
Part 11: Veterans and the Military
Submission Details
You must make an initial post before you are able to view the posts of your peers. The post should be a word count of 250-300 words.
In order to facilitate group discussion and take into account the varying student schedules, please post

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The novel illustrates several of the factors and concepts Yalom describes in his book The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy. Please define three of these factors or concepts and then explain the way Yaloms illustrations of these techniques in the novel supported your learning (3 to 5 pages) How has reading this novel been helpful to your development as a group counselor? (1 page)



  • Paper should be written in APA style to include a title page and references page; use in-text citations and refer to the Yalom (2006) reading with at least one quotation or paraphrase per section. 
  • Please use section headers to differentiate and clearly show where you are discussing each of the three factors or concepts 
  • Using first-person language in the section of the paper in which you answer the question how has reading this novel been helpful to your development as a group counselor? Is okay. 
  • Please stay within the page limits; the professor will stop grading after the allotted space

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