Your team has recently been hired by a newly formed, start-up manufacturing company. You are attending a meeting to discuss the establishment of company policies in anticipation of future hiring.


 As you begin the meeting, the CEO addresses the need for a code of conduct policy, with an emphasis on ethical behavior. Other members of the team discuss the issue of growing business at any cost in order to keep the company growing. The CEO acknowledges the need for growth but demands that the team determines a way for the company to maintain the highest degree of ethical standards. One member asks if it is possible to maintain the highest degree of ethical standards and still remain profitable— which draws some laughter from the group.


The discussion turns to the various business cycles that are common in a manufacturing organization—specifically, the revenue and collection cycle, the acquisition and expenditure cycle, and the production cycle.


The CEO has asked your team to find 3 or 4 code of ethics documents from other companies, analyze them, and recommend ideas for your company’s code of ethics.


Search the Internet for 3 or 4 code of ethics documents from other companies.

Analyze each document, including how each addresses the three business cycles:


  • The revenue and collection cycle
  • The acquisition and expenditure cycle
  • The production cycle


Identify the internal controls that limit unethical behavior during these cycles.

Write a 1,400- to 1,750 word report on your findings.

Address the following concepts:


  • The importance of a corporate code of conduct
  • The need to establish a business culture that is committed to ethical behavior
  • The tradeoff between ethics and profits
  • Analysis of each code of ethics document your retrieved from other companies
  • Recommendations for your company’s code of ethics


Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Submit a Certificate of Originality

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