Assignment: Characteristics of At-Risk Students


Resources: The Online Library and Ch. 4 of Introduction to Teaching


Readp. 134 of the text, which discusses the way one school district addresses the needs of a group of at-risk students.


Choose a category of at-risk students identified in Ch. 4 of the text


Use the Internet and Library databases to research one or more exemplary programs in your state, school district, or community that help meet the needs of the selected group of at-risk students.


Writea 700- to 1,100-word paper that includes your description of the category of at-risk students you chose and the programs you found for the selected type of at-risk students.


Explain what components make the program(s) beneficial and ‘exemplary’.

Evaluate how well the programs ensure they reach all targeted students and how well students’ needs are met.  


Format your paper according to APA standards. 


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