CheckPoint: Socioeconomic Status and Student Achievement


Resource: SchoolMatters Web site at http://www.schoolmatters.comand p. 134 of Introduction to Teaching


Navigate to http://www.schoolmatters.comand locate the district you live in or want to work in. Browse either district or school-specific data regarding SES status, then complete the following:


Identifythe name and location of the school or school district you’re investigating; include this information in your response.


Locate and recordinformation that would indicate SES of the school or district (such as household income, students eligible for free/reduced lunch fee program, education level of parents, and so forth).


Locate and recordinformation that would indicate student achievement (such as performance on standardized tests).


Compare and discussactual student achievement scores with your expectations based on your observations of SES. Did your observations match your expectations? Explain why or why not.


Search the Web to see how your community might be involved at the school or district you’re investigating. School, district, city, chamber of commerce, county, or state Web sites may provide information. What programs, if any, exist for the school or district that address the needs of students having low SES? What types of programs should or could the school, district, or community provide?


Discuss at least one program.

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