Discussion Questions


Determine which factors may explain that most of the higher per-pupil expenditures are found in the Northeastern and upper-Midwest states and the lower per-pupil expenditures are found in the South and West. In your opinion, what must happen to create a balance in school funding across regions?


Many U.S. citizens believe that parents and students must have the right to school choice. Others, however, believe school choice creates greater stratification and segregation among public schools. For example, some argue strong schools have better equipped students and weaker schools have more challenging, less-prepared students.


Consult the roster posted in the Mainforum to determine the school choice viewpoint your instructor assigned to you. After reviewing Ch. 8 and Internet articles relating to school vouchers, post an informed statement from a parent’s point of view that is meant to persuade voters to support your position.


Respond respectfully to a classmate’s post as if you are a teacher with the opposite point of view. Explain why you are opposed to your classmate’s statement.

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