Final Project: Developmental Process and Presentation


Read Appendix A.


Prepare a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation, flow chart, or other visual aid to provide an overview of the normal developmental expectations for each of the five developmental stages. Your presentation must include a brief description of each of the five stages of development as well as normal expectations for each stage.


Compose a 1,050- to 1,750-word explanation of the development process.


Present a comparative analysis of the two age groups you have selected.

Clearly define and describe the stages of development the two groups.

Support your visual presentation.

Provide a detailed profile comparing the two age groups for each of the following developmental characteristics:


Physical development

Emotional development

Cognitive development

Intellectual development

Language development

Reading/Writing development

Social development

Interpersonal development


Format your paper according toAPA guidelines.

Post your completed assignment as an attachment.

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