Select one of the following scenarios:

  • ABC Corporation has 500 employees who range in age from 17 to 70. You have been charged with training all employees on a new technology program. The training must be completed within 6 months because the old system will no longer be functional at that time.
  • OR
  • You have been hired to teach a credit-based community college course. The course has 35 learners ranging in age from 17 to 70. You must develop the course to meet the needs of your learners.

This assignment has two parts:

Write a 500- to 700-word summary of the fundamental principles of adult education such as biological, psychological, sociocultural, and cognitive factors that will have an effect on the diverse demographics of your adult learners listed in the scenario, citing and referencing sources for the information. Address the following questions in your summary.

  • How will memory and cognition of the 17-year-old learner be different than the 70-year-old in your class? How will you address this as you design the course?
  • How do the fundamental principles (biological, psychological, sociocultural, and cognitive) affect your course design based on the wide range of your audience?

Design a learning environment that meets the needs of your diverse corporate or college students, and explain the reasons for your design selections and the underlying theories that support your design. Cite and reference sources for the theory-based information and all other sources used. Address all four fundamental principles as listed above. This is an opportunity to be creative. You can use visuals as well as a narrative.

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