Program Design and Development – Using your unsolved problem identified in Week One, develop a criminal justice program of your own design (i.e. you may NOT describe an already existing program) to remedy the problem. Succinctly and thoroughly describe your newly designed program in a 1400 to 1750 word paper. Write your paper as if you were proposing your program to departmental superiors and/or sponsors. Describe the purpose, application, target participants, and expected outcomes of your program as they relate to the problem at hand.
Just to say it again, this paper should describe YOUR proposed solution to the problem. Your solution can be creative, it can be unique, but above all, it must be yours.
One more reminder…keep it real. I’m not looking for “pie in the sky” hypothetical wishes, but rather am looking for grounded, feasible, and realistic approaches to your real-world problem. Your program should absolutely be valid enough that you would be comfortable turning your paper in to your boss for consideration.
As your program is intended to be used in the real-world, keep real-world limitations in mind. Consider (and describe) how your program would fare in light of financial constraints, training issues, media scrutiny, the “court of public opinion,” etc.
Think both inside and outside the box. Use your empirical research and references to inform your solution…let that research tell you what’s been done, what’s worked, what hasn’t, and then use that information to move away from the failures and toward the successes. Just don’t limit yourself to what others have done and don’t be afraid to move in a new direction as you follow the research.
Look around. If you’ve chosen a police suicide problem, don’t only look for your solutions in police suicide literature. Why not look into general suicide studies? Police stress studies? General stress studies? Psychological treatment protocols for underlying causes (like stress, fear, sleep deprivation, depression, etc.)? Branch out and look beyond just the “key words” in your topic…your efforts will be rewarded!

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